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Why use floor mats? How to choose?


2023-02-24 13:53

First of all, we have to say that floor mats are very practical and common household goods.
It can be put in the living room and bedroom to increase the beauty, and it can be put in the bathroom to prevent slipping. However, many friends have found that the material of the floor mat is many and many.
Therefore, partners need to be screened when purchasing. So how to buy floor mats? Next, I'll share it with you. Let's learn a little!
1、 How to choose household floor mats?
1. Clear purpose:
There are many kinds of floor mats, so before you buy a household floor mat, you should first look at the use position of the floor mat. According to the use position, the floor mat for household use can be divided into: entrance floor mat, living room floor mat, kitchen floor mat, bedroom floor mat, foot mat, etc.
2. Smell:
There are many kinds of materials for household floor mats. You can smell the smell when you buy them offline. If there is a pungent smell, the floor mat placed in the house will definitely affect the indoor air, so you must pay attention before purchasing; If you buy online, you should ask customer service, or check the evaluation. Don't regret it until you buy it home.
3. Touch the surface:
Check whether the surface of the household floor mat is comfortable. If it feels very rough, it is easy to wear and reduce the service life of the product. Household floor mats are exposed every day. If the quality is not good, it will affect the happiness of home.
4. View materials:
Ask the salesperson or customer service, or check the product introduction to understand the floor mat material. Floor mats of different materials have different service life. Choosing a good floor mat can reduce the number of replacement times.
2、 What material is good for the floor mat?
1. Cotton:
This is one of the materials that people touch most in daily life. If 100% cotton is added with anti-slip particles, it not only has good dust removal effect, but also can increase friction with the ground. The anti-slip effect is very strong. In addition, the cotton floor mat feels comfortable and gentle, making our life return to simplicity.
2. Blending:
The main raw material is high-quality polypropylene, and the back is made of cotton and hemp, which is moisture-proof, anti-slip and wear-resistant, and does not damage the floor. In addition, polypropylene fiber has the characteristics of thick textured pile surface, good resilience, strong lodging resistance, high density, and large gap on the carpet surface, so it is a floor mat material that is not easy to hide dirt.
3. Plastic:
This kind of material is also common. The main material is plastic, and the bottom is rubber particles. It has a faint smell of rubber, but it is green and pollution-free. You can buy it at ease. The plastic floor mat has a thick texture, good dusting effect, excellent performance of anti-slip, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, non-toxic and environmental protection, and is durable.
4. Draft:
It is made of plant fiber, which exudes a taste of original ecology. In addition, it has excellent properties such as economy, practicality, durability, natural color, green environmental protection, corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, pedal resistance, fire resistance, etc.
5. Chenille:
This kind of fabric is very suitable for indoor use. It is ultra-fine fiber fabric, so it can absorb dust particles in the air and has the function of purifying the air. In addition, the Chenille floor mat can also absorb more water than its own weight, make the floor mat dry quickly, prevent bacterial breeding and eliminate the existence of bacterial breeding sources.
6. Diatom mud:
Environmental protection, odorless, good decoration effect, can absorb odor and purify indoor air. It can reduce noise pollution, adjust the indoor dry-wet balance, and has strong water absorption. It can quickly absorb water stains and prevent falls.
3、 How to select each position of the floor mat?
There are many kinds of floor mats. When purchasing, we must be clear about our needs, the functions of the floor mats we need and the characteristics of the environment we place. For example, if we want to buy the floor mats in the bathroom mainly to absorb water, we should choose the floor mats with strong water absorption function. After clarifying the relevant requirements, choose and buy the mats according to the specific use and material characteristics of the mats and the characteristics of the placement environment. Don't buy a piece of mats at random and go home. It will be a waste of money if it is not easy to use.
Therefore, let's introduce the requirements of floor mats at various locations carefully, and help partners find some floor mats for reference and recommendation.
1. Door:
The floor mat is mainly used to scrape sand, decontaminate and prevent dust from entering the room and causing pollution. Therefore, the foot mats made of materials with good decontamination effect, wear resistance and easy cleaning should be selected, such as rubber, coconut fiber, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, etc.
2. In the gate:
The main function of the floor mat here is to remove residual dust, but this is indoor. It is placed on the floor. The dust generated is not too much, but it is more trampled. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a floor mat that is relatively soft and wear-resistant, and cannot wear the floor. Generally, it is recommended to choose acrylic material.
3. Toilet:
The floor mat is placed in front of the wash basin and at the door of the bathroom to absorb water. Therefore, cotton, microfiber or diatom mud mat should be selected, especially microfiber and diatom mud. The partners directly step on it after taking a bath, which not only absorbs water quickly, but also feels very comfortable.
4. Kitchen:
The floor mat is used here to prevent water and oil in the kitchen from entering the living area. It is recommended to use cotton mat here. Because the cotton pad is good at absorbing water and oil, and because it is made of natural material, it is safer to use in the kitchen. In addition, cotton mats are mostly dark colors, which are not obvious after soiling, and cleaning is also relatively simple.
5. Bedroom:
Many people like to put a floor mat beside the bed, so that when they get out of bed, they can go down barefoot without catching cold. We recommend that you use cotton or microfiber floor mats in your bedroom. These two floor mats are made of safe and pollution-free materials, completely eliminating the problem of static electricity, and have comfortable texture, which is extremely suitable for use in bedrooms and children's rooms.