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Precautions for use of floor mats


2023-02-24 13:55

Note 1:
Clean or replace in time. Most floor mats are used as protective articles to remove dust, water stains and dirt to protect our living environment from large-scale pollution. As long as the floor mat of any material is used for dust removal, it will attach a lot of dirt if it is used for a long time. If it is not cleaned in time, it will not only play a role in dust removal, but also pollute the living environment. In particular, the floor mats in the kitchen are dirty in almost two days if you cook regularly. Therefore, it is recommended that the outdoor floor mats should be cleaned at least once a half month, the floor mats at the hallway should be cleaned once a week, the floor mats in the kitchen should be cleaned in time when they are used up in a day, and the floor mats in the bathroom should be kept dry as far as possible according to the situation. If they are wet, they should be dried in time, and it is recommended that they should be cleaned at least once a week. Toilets and kitchens are easy to be wet. If the floor mats are wet, it is easy to breed bacteria, which greatly endangers our health. It is also necessary to use disinfectant for disinfection when cleaning. If the floor mat has been washed many times in the process of use, and it is aging or difficult to clean, it is recommended to replace it in time. After all, health is the most important.
Note 2:
Friends who use floor heating should not use floor mats with adhesive backing indoors. There is adhesive backing on the back of the floor mat or the floor mat with harmful gas volatilization after heating. When we use the floor heating, which adhesive backing may melt and stick tightly to the floor. If the wooden floor may be damaged, the ceramic tile may seep into the gap, which is especially difficult to clean, and the generation of harmful gas is more frightening. So friends who use floor heating should never use floor mats with adhesive backing, nor plastic or rubber floor mats.