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Coasters are rarely used in our lives. What is the significance of the existence of coasters?


2023-02-24 13:59

Of course, we seldom use coasters in our own lives, but we often see them in Starbucks or some coffee shops.

In fact, it is suggested that we should also use a coaster in our daily life, because when we drink hot drinks, the cup directly touches the table top, which will cause damage to the table. If we are laying plastic tablecloth, in this case, it will even be ironed into a round concave shape.

If it is too hot, it will have a permanent impact. So we suggest that we should keep the habit of using a coaster at ordinary times. Not only should we use a coaster when we drink hot drinks, but also we should put a cushion under the plate when we eat, because the heat of the food is also very high. Of course, if you use a marble table, you don't need to do this, but few people will buy a marble table as a table top. First of all, the price is too expensive.

In fact, the so-called marble countertops we buy in the market are all made of artificial materials. It is made by adding a kind of colloid into the mold after crushing with stone powder, and then polishing and waxing the surface to look like authentic marble. After long-term use of this kind of table top, oil stains will penetrate under the surface. Of course, many people will use this material to make the cabinet surface.

Basically, after more than two years of use, the oil stain will completely penetrate into the inside of this kind of food material. Even if the appearance is clean, it will look very dirty. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the natural marble table top or stainless steel surface in the selection of cabinet appearance, which is also convenient for later cleaning.