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How to choose the floor mat?


2023-02-24 14:04

Style: match the soft decoration style, especially the floor mats or carpets of living room, bedroom and window, which have large area and many decorative elements, so it is important to choose the floor mats or carpets with appropriate style.

Material: select the appropriate material according to the use location and main purpose.

Anti-slip: The floor mats in the bathroom and bathroom should focus on whether the anti-slip property is reliable.

Scrubbing effect: the dust removal effect of the entrance door and the porch is good. Generally, the dust removal effect of the floor mat with velvet surface is better.

Safety: The floor mat may have harmful substances if it smells pungent. In particular, the baby floor mat (crawling mat) is safety-first, and the brand products with "SGS certification" and "3C certification" are preferred.

Comfort: The floor mats/carpets in the living room and bedroom should preferably use products with high comfort.

Dirt resistance: if the color value of the floor mat is not high, black and gray solid color floor mat with dirt resistance is preferred for easy care.

Size: measure the size of the use position in advance and select the appropriate size.