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How about using disposable facial towel for a long time?


2023-02-24 13:44

Disposable washcloth is a disposable sanitary cleaning product. Long-term use of disposable washcloth has both advantages and disadvantages, but in general, it has more advantages. As long as disposable face towels are used in a standardized way and regular and sanitary face towels are selected, no adverse reactions will occur.
1、 Benefits:
1. Protective effect: disposable face towel is a disposable skin care product. Compared with the towel often used in daily life, it can reduce bacteria and dirt accumulation to a certain extent, protect the face skin to a certain extent, and prevent the occurrence of skin problems such as mites;
2. Convenient to carry: In general, disposable face towels are small in size and light in weight. They are convenient to carry when traveling and working. They don't need to be like towels. They are afraid that they may have a peculiar smell when they are put in bags for a long time because they are not screwed dry when traveling.
2、 Bad:
If you buy a disposable face towel with poor quality, the material is rough, and there is no strict sanitary quality control, it may cause facial irritation when you use it to clean your face, and if the skin itself is sensitive, it may cause local redness, acne and other symptoms when you use it for a long time. The quality of the washcloth is not good, and the floc falls off during the use process, and the water absorption is not good, which will cause a burden on the face skin. Therefore, try to choose a high-quality disposable washcloth.
In addition, it should be noted that disposable face towels belong to disposable products, and it is not recommended to use them on the face for many times, which not only reduces the cleaning effect, but also may damage the skin.