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What kind of furniture mat is good? What should I pay attention to when shopping?


2023-02-15 16:42

The table and chair pad made of cloth is the most commonly used one. Generally, the table and chair pad of cloth is composed of cotton lining, cotton lace edge, thickened cotton and hemp thickness, cotton surface, and loose mouth. Because it usually has the function of anti-skid, wear-resistant and noise-reducing furniture floor mats, table and chair mute floor mats have become another name of it. It is also common to use dolls to make tables, chairs and mats. It's like putting on a coat at the foot of a chair,
In addition to the table and chair floor mats in the form of protective covers described above, many people make floor mats directly into the floor mats under the table and chair. This cushion is a little smaller than this carpet. It is made of acrylic, mainly in circular or quadrilateral shape. There are many patterns on it. It matches well with the ceramic tile style. It is a highlight in the family layout. This carpet can also be used as a general carpet.
The mattress protection pad of the dining chair is made of special materials such as transparent silicone rubber. In order to make the mattress of the innovative dining chair soft, wear-resistant and durable, the bottom is made of special non-woven fabric, which better avoids the friction and collision between the mattress and the floor material. Look at the weight, no - the heavier the better. The important thing is the material. In terms of thickness, the thicker the better, the thicker the higher. Very suitable.
From the perspective of anti-skid effect, anti-skid is an important sign to measure the quality of 3D furniture floor mats. From the perspective of stereoscopic effect, because it is the pedal of stereoscopic furniture, the stereoscopic effect must be the better. In terms of cost performance, the higher the better, the cheaper the better. It would be great to combine the above several with the highest cost performance.