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Sannyic Kitchen Dish Cleaning Brushes Automatic Soap Liquid Adding Pot Brush Strong Decontamination Brushes for Kitchen Accessories

Sannyic is our registered Trademark in U.S.A. But we can also doing customized products .OEM and ODM are available.


  • Description
  • Item Specification:
    Are you still worried about kitchen dirt? There is such a convenient, no-worry cleaning brush, hurry up and tries it!

    1. Material: Made of metal/PET, human design, easy to clean. The PET material does not hurt your hands, the pot, and the cleaning does not hurt the surface. Used for washing kitchen stoves, washbasins and ceramic tiles.
    2. Unique Design: Ergonomic design, easy to hold and non-slip, easy to complete the cleaning effect, just rinse the brush head thoroughly with water.
    3. Built-in Liquid Storage Tank: For cleaning, you only need to press the top soft glue to discharge the liquid. Press the liquid-the cleaning liquid is not wasted, cleans smoothly, and is economical.
    4. Advantage: Convenient liquid discharge, strong decontamination, no sticky hands, no skin damage. No need to wash, save time and effort without hurting your hands, and powerfully decontaminate.
    5. Using Methods: Pour the detergent into the storage tank and press it to squeezes it out.

    1. Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect. Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement.
    2. There is only 1 brush head, the picture is only for display.
    3. Random delivery of brush head color.
    4. Detergent and other liquid are not included.

    Material: PET/Metal
    Use: Used for washing kitchen stoves, washbasins and tiles.
    Product size: 10×9cm




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