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Sannyic 3 in 1 Super Laundry Sheets

Sannyic is our registered Trademark in U.S.A. But we can also doing customized products .OEM and ODM are available.


  • Description
  • Are you tired of the traditional way of doing laundry? Want a more convenient and faster way to wash? Then, our cleaning products: washing tablets, will be your best choice!

    Our laundry tablets have a unique tablet design that is not only convenient for storage, but also dissolves quickly to get your laundry cleaned faster. In addition, our products also have a fresh fragrance, which will make your clothes more attractive.

    Our laundry detergent not only prevents cross-staining, but also protects and brightens the color, cleans deeply, is gentle on hands, and does not contain fluorescent agents. With our products, you can easily have clean, comfortable and soft clothes. You can imagine, with the help of our products, how confident and comfortable you will feel when you walk down the street wearing clean and fragrant clothes.

    If you also want to have a more convenient, faster, and environmentally friendly washing method, then hurry up and buy our cleaning products: washing tablets! Let us contribute to the cause of environmental protection together!


    1) Cleanses and removes stains:

    Super concentrated formula providing effective cleaning power, this product adopts enzyme formula and super-concentrated technology, which together bring a stronger cleaning power in penetrating a variety of clothing fibers and breaking stubborn stains.

    2) Color absorption for prevention of cross-staining:

    With faster and stronger.color-locking and absorption power different color clothes no longer need to be washed separately. This can save water, time, and energy.

    3) Color protection during washing:

    By absorbing all the free dye and dirt particles during the spinning process, the product effectively prevents dulling of colors caused by the mixing of color particles with stains.




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